Cultural & Natural Holiday

During your beach vacation it would be really interesting to dedicate a little time to discover the territory surrounding it. A land of grand eco history, capable of  bringing together the lively rhythm of the coast with a reflection of its hilly landscapes, ready to welcome you and show you their wonders.

Romagna, thanks to its territorial conformation, is the perfect place to unite a “sun and sea” vacation with one of culture and nature.


Some of our beauties...



A massive rock belt of sea cliffs in a sloping Apennine sea landscape, an overlapping of antique houses set in superb rock  with an ocellated bell tower. An intertwining of  history and legend, sacred and profane, horrid prisons and placid church parishes - all of this in San Leo.


The Republic of San Marino, is a real, separate State within the confines of Italy and a heavily visited tourist destination. A walk through its narrow streets lined with characteristic shops, panoramas and shows of ceremonies of State, make it a place to see at least once


Small Medieval city where the Maletestian Castle rises, seat of the richest collection of modern and contemporary art in the “Tito Balestra Foundation” region. In this beautiful little town one can also find the Museum of Epoch music records,  the collection of Masks from Theatre Art Plays and the Territory Museum.


Ravenna preserves in its splendid monuments the proof of the role it has played in politics, in commercial trade and art in different civilizations.
Particularly during the Roman Imperial period and the shining season when it became the center of the Oriental empire which left the city with an extraordinary collection of basilicas, baptisteries, and mausoleums.


At the centre of Romagna’s planes there are two twin hills, one covered with trees and vines called Monte Maggio and the other, also green, is rich with walls, towers and antique houses: the town of Bertinoro. The panorama you can see from Piazza della Libertà is breath-taking; your view will range from S. Marino’s three pinnacles to Bologna’s two towers, the Adriatic sea even as far as the Croatian coast.


A city in the form of the building. The Palazzo Ducale is the physical symbol of the State Renaissance castle no longer anchored to the old principles of military offense-defense, but a building open to the movement of people and ideas. In 1912 the Palace was set up within the National Gallery of the Marches which takes about 80 rooms between the first and second floors.


Ferrara is a silent city, on a human scale, where you can walk safely on foot or by bicycle, by day and by night, without fear, reliving every step magical atmosphere of the past.
Ferrara is a city of art and culture among the largest in Italy, thanks primarily to its Palazzo dei Diamanti, home to prestigious exhibitions, and the seasons of very high quality Teatro Comunale.


The town, built in the valley, teeming with small and large farms and vinificatrici many of which are home to restaurants and direct farm for a tasting of the excellent food and wine, all of the Sangiovese di Romagna, typical of the area.
Also noteworthy is the Marecchia park that runs along the river, ideal for walking and mountain biking tours.


The sight of his gaze snapped Rocca, an imposing Malatesta artifact that stands impregnable over the valley of the River Basin. But it reached its medieval town of footprint also fascinates and invites you to follow it. And around a green with woods intact and gently cultivated countryside provides you with generosity, as is the background of the coast, and the sea draws the horizon.


Santarcangelo is a beautiful and important city, which has been able to maintain a particular character and a strong link with its past and its traditions.
All the old town is alive, made of well-tended homes and buildings, excellent restaurants and pubs, narrow streets that lead to squares always animated. The atmosphere is that of a large village where life has kept its rhythm, attentive to their appearance: Guests receive immediately a strong identity "town" and Romagna.


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